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Vaughan Cheese


We sell American farmstead cheeses, 

educate about milk and microbes, 

and throw awesome parties.




shop online

Let's get some cheese to you. We work with fantastic famers and love their cheeses. Learn about what you like and we'll send it to you to enjoy and share.

buy wholesale

You want to sell the best cheese.  You need your team to be knowledgeable about the products.  We're on your team.  Let's do this together. 

let's have a party

Have a party already planned and need to confirm and pay? Want to plan a party- cheese tastings, classes, parties, cheese wedding cakes, and platters are all awesome. Let's chat and plan this shindig. 


It's about farming

Partnering with small farmers and artisans who make things by hand is how we can sell and eat more delicious food that can continue being made the same way for generations.


Shepards of learning


The Cheesemaking process

From the farm to a delicious cheese- the process of making cheese is exciting and fun. 

Milk Seasons

An animal's diet changes through the seasons- so does cheese.

Cheese types

Fresh. Natural rind. Washed. Bloomy. Blue. There's so many awesome types of cheese. 


Our Story

Learn more about the Vaughan family in Lothian, MD and the path that brought them to cheese.